Halo 3 and Pontiac?

Well if you know me, and look at the other blog I run, you know I am a huge gamer.  And one of the games I hold near and dear to my heart is Halo.  I like the story, the characters, the multi-play, I like Halo.  Today is 9/24/2007, the day before Halo 3 comes out, the day before the end of the trilogy.  So poking around online I came across something…odd.

Halo Pontiac G6 GXP 1

G6 2

G6 3

Hmm….well you can win this vehicle…details here.




One Response to Halo 3 and Pontiac?

  1. Sherry says:

    Pretty sweet looking…of course if I won it – it wouldn’t be in my driveway very long. I know a certain brother who would steal it from me.


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