GM at Ecofest…

Hybrids and Hydrogen

GM Fuel Cell

I read this article on, link at bottom, about this “Ecofest”. Hmmm Ecofest…what is that? A convention of tree-huggers, anti-Bush people, and P.E.T.A.? So I checked out their site on the inter-web and found some information. Here are a few points from their mission statement

– To create an informed and realistic approach to environmental issues

– To integrate environmentally safe choses for effective use within day to day lifestyle

And what I was intrested in in relation to GM,

– To showcase products, services, technology, programs, and research which can make our lives more environmentally friendly.

So what did GM bring to the table? Well first and what grabbed me was a their fuel-cell SUVs powered by hydrogen emitting nothing but water vapor.

Here is a good animation on how a fuel cell works –

Now by no means is the fuel-cell exclusive to GM or new and inventive, according to Wikipedia the fuel cell was first developed by Sir William Robert Grove in 1843.

Now something that peaked my interest was that anyone can apply for a test program, as long as the live in a certain area…aka not Texas.

But it should be interesting to see the results of the test.

HAura HAura2

The second item was the Hybrid Aura that will taken to Ecofest. A 25% increase in fuel economy, no big deal right? But for $2,500 bucks!?!?!?   No the car is not $2,500 but the hybrid upgrade is. Now you don’t have to consider the Toyota Turtle…I mean Prius. You can actually get a good looking sedan hybrid for a decent price.

But we all know how i feel about trading my truck in on a hybrid…



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