The Chevy Volt…SHOCKING!

Now I am all for a cleaner environment, plant a tree, save the seals, all that stuff.  So when I saw the Chevy Volt, I thought to myself, now that is cool. 

But the more I think about it, would I miss the rumble I get when I step on the gas and the RPMs rise on my 5.3l? Or the smile I get as I drive by that 40 year old guy in a four door 1998 Accord with a Pep Boys wing ,more stickers than a the latest Dora the Explorer sticker book, and a custom cold air intake made from PVC pipe bought at Home Depot, sorry that is another rant I have yet to make.

So for now the Volt is not for me, as cool as it is its not as cool as the next post I have planned….




One Response to The Chevy Volt…SHOCKING!

  1. びっくり says:

    Chevy is nuts… “up to 40 miles, without a drop of gas”… I’m assuming that a step on the ‘gas’ would drop this number horribly. When they get the number up around 200 miles, people might start buying. If I’m going someplace within 15 miles, there’s a good chance I will take a bike rather than drive.

    Good point: people love the throaty roar of a V8. A car would have to be pretty impressive to overcome that sweet feeling.

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