Put that hammer to the floor….

September 28, 2007

Hmmm what would you do with $130k?  Buy a house?  A Vette Z06???  Or this?


The Burt Reynolds Trans Am by Year One

They come in various specs, with different engines, and other cool stuff…with the coolest being a 8.8 540 c.i. 650 hp fire breathing monster under the hood…awww I drooled on the keyboard again….





Halo 3 and Pontiac?

September 24, 2007

Well if you know me, and look at the other blog I run, you know I am a huge gamer.  And one of the games I hold near and dear to my heart is Halo.  I like the story, the characters, the multi-play, I like Halo.  Today is 9/24/2007, the day before Halo 3 comes out, the day before the end of the trilogy.  So poking around online I came across something…odd.

Halo Pontiac G6 GXP 1

G6 2

G6 3

Hmm….well you can win this vehicle…details here.



GM at Ecofest…

September 20, 2007

Hybrids and Hydrogen

GM Fuel Cell

I read this article on GM.com, link at bottom, about this “Ecofest”. Hmmm Ecofest…what is that? A convention of tree-huggers, anti-Bush people, and P.E.T.A.? So I checked out their site on the inter-web and found some information. Here are a few points from their mission statement

– To create an informed and realistic approach to environmental issues

– To integrate environmentally safe choses for effective use within day to day lifestyle

And what I was intrested in in relation to GM,

– To showcase products, services, technology, programs, and research which can make our lives more environmentally friendly.

So what did GM bring to the table? Well first and what grabbed me was a their fuel-cell SUVs powered by hydrogen emitting nothing but water vapor.

Here is a good animation on how a fuel cell works –


Now by no means is the fuel-cell exclusive to GM or new and inventive, according to Wikipedia the fuel cell was first developed by Sir William Robert Grove in 1843.

Now something that peaked my interest was that anyone can apply for a test program, as long as the live in a certain area…aka not Texas.

But it should be interesting to see the results of the test.

HAura HAura2

The second item was the Hybrid Aura that will taken to Ecofest. A 25% increase in fuel economy, no big deal right? But for $2,500 bucks!?!?!?   No the car is not $2,500 but the hybrid upgrade is. Now you don’t have to consider the Toyota Turtle…I mean Prius. You can actually get a good looking sedan hybrid for a decent price.

But we all know how i feel about trading my truck in on a hybrid…



Pics of the new Tahoe Hybrid…

September 19, 2007

Not much to say, it kinda makes me laugh….

According to the Chevy website a 2007 Hybrid gets 15/21…a 25% increase in fuel economy.  I get that now…with no extra weight to haul around….but I guess its a step n the right direction.



New blog…

September 18, 2007

Decided to do a second blog so check it out yo!



Maybe the sexiest car ever…

September 18, 2007

Back in 2005 Holden released a concept that shocked the automotive world. It was retro, but new, classic but modern, wild but tasteful. It had a supercharged six liter, adjustable suspension, touchscreen LCD, and fan cooled LED headlights…FAN COOLED.

So what is this modern day marvel? Can you get one? How much?


Now you know its the Holden Efijy Concept, but you might not know that Holden and GM have recently considered producing a small quantity of this car for the low low price of…


Dr. Evil

So its out of my price range…and why do I say this is the most sexiest car ever “maybe”…

Go take a look at Cadzilla, Copperhead, a 1963 Corvette Split Window…well the list could go on…but the Efijy is near the top.


The Chevy Volt…SHOCKING!

September 17, 2007

Now I am all for a cleaner environment, plant a tree, save the seals, all that stuff.  So when I saw the Chevy Volt, I thought to myself, now that is cool. 

But the more I think about it, would I miss the rumble I get when I step on the gas and the RPMs rise on my 5.3l? Or the smile I get as I drive by that 40 year old guy in a four door 1998 Accord with a Pep Boys wing ,more stickers than a the latest Dora the Explorer sticker book, and a custom cold air intake made from PVC pipe bought at Home Depot, sorry that is another rant I have yet to make.

So for now the Volt is not for me, as cool as it is its not as cool as the next post I have planned….