What? Ute to come but not as a Chevy??? Come on…

What is Chevy thinking???  The Car/Truck must be a El Camino…

JoeT & MonaroSS
25 August 2007
El Camino Ute
Hope’s of a new generation El Camino appear to be dead, according to Bob Lutz.

GM’s Vice Chairman of Product Development and Chairman of GM North America broke the news in an email response to GMInsideNews member MonaroSS.

MonaroSS, a photoshop enthusiast, produced a picture of what he thinks a Chevrolet El Camino badged Holden Ute could look like and sent it by e-mail to Mr Lutz with the comment “Hope the new Ute gets a more Chevy look if it goes Stateside.”

Mr Lutz, a well known fan of all things Holden, responded by saying “Well, that’s what we want to do, but it won’t be a Chevrolet!”

This comes just three days after the unveiling of the all-new Holden Ute (Click here to see more). The new Ute is the third Holden product to be based on GM’s Zeta/VE platform after the release of the new Holden Commodore and Statesman/Caprice range late last year.

There has been speculation that the Holden Ute would be exported to North America as a revived Chevrolet El Camino for some years. Like the Holden Ute, which has been in production since 1951, the Coupe-Utility El Camino was produced for the North American market for just under 30 years from 1959.

Speculation will now turn to which other GM brands the Holden Ute may be badged under in the US.

Pontiac, the brand that sold the last generation Holden Monaro Coupe in the US as the legendary GTO, and truck brand GMC would have to be the frontrunners.

MonaroSS broke the news in March this year that despite strong rumors Holden was not producing a V12 for a super-luxury Cadillac supercar after similar e-mail correspondence with Mr Lutz


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